Company development

In June 2012, Proudly gained 2011 Foreign Trade Development Fund of Jiangmen City.  

In May 2012, Proudly got ASTMD 6400 & EN13432 certification.

In December 2011, Proudly was rated as the standing council unit of the seventh council of Guangdong Packaging Technology Association

In November 2011, Proudly was recognized as National High-tech Enterprises

In October 2011, Proudly was recognized as private enterprise in technology field of Guangdong Province.

In February 2010, Proudly was recognizeds as member of Japan Bioplastics Association

In March of 2006, Proudly was attested by NQA and obtained the Certificate of ISO 9001-2008.

Extrusion Water Soluble PVA Laundry Bag gained the 2005 National Science and Technology Program.

Melted Extrude Film gained the 2005 National Key & New Products Program.

Melted Extrude Pellet gained the 2005 National Torch Project of the Ministry of Science & Technology.

First Prize of Scientific Technology Award by China National Packing Corporation (CNPC) in Dec. 2004.

In January 2005, Proudly was being recognized as private enterprise in technology field in Guangdong Province.

2004 Innovation Funds For Technology Based Firm (Innofund) for Small & Medium Enterprise, three levels of subsidy from National, Provincial and municipal finance.

Proudly gained the subsidy of the Three Technologies Subsidies Projects of Jiangmen Government in December 2004, for new product trial production costs, the middle of testing costs and the cost of major research projects grants.  

Proudly gained National Appraisal of Science and Technology achievement in June, 2004.
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